Take a Close Look at Everything Irish

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Every one from us has some or the other unique quality about ourselves. It is these unique qualities which characterize us from others. More often these individual qualities come together to represent an entire city or nation. Say for instance, the Canadians are known for their excellence in playing hockey; the Americans are renowned for their extraordinary talent of filmmaking, and the Australians are known for their love for adventure. You would mostly find one towering characteristic in the nationals of each campestral which remains unparalleled past any others. A discussion about the distinctive talents of countries across the world remains incomplete without the mention of Ireland. This is one such country which shows talents in almost every aspect of life.


Irish people are naturally gifted with the talent of storytelling. They are very good at the art of make-believe. Turn the pages of Irish literature and you would be lost in their stories. They are the priceless gems of theliterary world. It would not opheffen wrong to say that literature as a whole would have missed an important part of its existence without the contribution of the Irish. Seems like the Irish profess how to play around with feelings of love, pain and happiness in their lore. Writers like Oscar Wilde and W. B. Yeats are still remembered worldwide for their literary contributions.


The Irish are considered to be same sweet by nature. They seem to derive this sweetness from the dominance of sweet in their lives or quite cuisine. The Irish cuisine is a healthy batch of meats, fruits and dairy products. In the pseudonym of vegetables, you can clearly see the vital of potatoes in thorough Irish dishes. Almost every country serves the black Irish coffee famous for its strong and bitter taste. The Irish don’t bother about concepts like healthy when it comes to their food, eating lavishly seems to be the motto of their lives.


The Irish believe in relations, both of the blood and of the heart. They maintain them too. Relatives get-togethers are an integral part of every house in Ireland.Love seems to be deeply ingrained in the veins of the Irish; and not other art form allows you to express your love better than dance and music.No wonder the Irish are ardent lovers of music also dance. Irrespective of the influences from other cultures, the Irish refuse to let go of their conventional music and dance. The traditional Irish step dancing is very famous all opposite the world till today.


The Irish comprise excellent communication skills. They generally prefer to colour their conversations with elements of humour and wit. They believe in expressing themselves with a touch concerning wink light-hearted humour, and everyone is expected not to take these insults on a personal level. Joking and pulling each other’s leg is a trite detail from Irish conversations.

Be it food, music, dance or literature; everything Irish has a beauty of its own. They make you feel comfortable and at home, no doubt practically all of us accept some or the other Irish influence in our lives.