Most Liked Entertainment Sources: Bollywood Gossips & Music

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The den of Hindi film industry celebs – Bollywood has always been in the limelight. Page3 reporters and paparazzi are ad infinitum ready with their cameras et cetera mikes to get a glimpse of the inside news. Bollywood gossips include always triggered interest in the commoners, who crave to understand the spicy news moreover rumors that makes the headlines of several major newspapers and web portals.

With the intriguing nature humans possess, who doesn’t love to know more about the juicy gossips that goes around the tinsel town astir the Bollywood stars. The most interesting Bollywood gossips are the link-up and the break-up rumors.

The hottest news that has quite the assiduous to it is the upcoming movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani starring the ex-duo Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone coming together on screen after a very very long gap. Does this mean they have set aside their differences and decided to snare their relationship in a new way? Yet another Bollywood gossip in air is about Piggy Chops (Priyanka Chopra). She is never spared of alleged link-ups and break-ups. From co-star Shahid Kapoor to Shahrukh Khan all have made to her link-up list. But the recently added name is American TV’s cult radical John Hamm aka Don Draper. Is he indeed her new date? Shilpa buying hier toddler a Lamborghini; Ranbir to fling Aishwarya in upcoming YRF film; and so on goes the trail of Bollywood gossips. There is literally no goal to it!

But there is something more intense and substantial that keeps the masses entertained. It is nothing else but music. Speaking of intense music, NH7 Weekender is worth a mention as it is an indie music festival, showcasing multifarious genre of music ranging from rock, metal, fusion, electronic to folk! This three day music festival started off in 2010 with the basic slant of serving a plethora of musical genres, concentrating on non-Bollywood music. The driving force behind this musical feast are Martin Elbourne, Vijay Nair and Stephen Budd. In its first year, this festival was organized in Pune. Voted as ‘India’s Best Music Festival’ in 2011, NH7 Weekender has since then organized concerts in New Delhi and Bangalore as well.

This musical treat offers a platform for the diapason fans, providing them an exclusive mean to explore euphonious from India and across the globe. Spread across multiple stages with Indian and international artists performing simultaneously with streaming music, this is an event par excellence. The various stages of the NH7 Weekender event are as follows:

Bacardi Black Debris Arena
Eristoff Wolves Den
The Dewarists Contrived
Pepsi Dub Station
The Other Stage
The Together Stage

Though there are several sources concerning entertainment in the media field, but melodious including Bollywood gossips has always shared a special place in the heart and mind of the Indian masses, respectively.