The Changing Times of Indian Music

Posted on 29/09/2016 By

Music, a soul that binds millions of minds together! An art that opens the canvas of expression through various themes! A beautiful personification of words to inspire many! So scores thoughts and so many ways to elaborate the importance regarding music in our lives, especially in a country like India where diverse cultures are embodied.

Music in India has its own space among the audience. Homo Sapiens prefer getting ascend in the ante meridiem to heed on to their regularly dose and kick starting their day. While most elders in the family loop on devotional songs, the younger generation prefers to seek their dose through Bollywood numbers or English tracks from a channel like MTV or Sony Mix. That’s the charm music leaves in our lives.

But did you see Music was one from first sectors to experience a period from sales of physical goods to online usage? Years ago, when MP3 pods and players never existed, record labels sold CDs and DVDs on streets and shops, which then turned to online music.

But then there was a time when online music was considered fully illegal. Now the sea change has led into a business. Companies like Alive and Saavn have associated with movie houses to release the music first on their site. Hence brands and labels now oblation songs from their respective or associated brands, through online platforms. That’s because excessive big companies in India undergo started realizing the potential of digital music and kinsman services which help them target their ads and messages to the right target audience, who are passionate lovers. That’s not all; current music from across the world is now available in most Indian sites.

Seeing this potential market and the rising competition, even Televisie channels could not keep themselves out from the alteration. To seek their audience further, channels like Sony Mix has added appendix dose of entertainment in the form of interviews of musicians and singers, latest news in the industry and more.

With changing times from Cassettes, CDs and now online, it will be very interesting to see what next is in store in the sonorous industry and what channels will further do to grab their viewer’s attention also keep them entertained.