Palace of Catalan Music

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Created connective built by architect LluísDomènechiMontaner at the beginning of the 20th century, the Palau de la MúsicaCatalà (or Castle of Catalan Music) is a classic example of Catalan Art Nouveau, and is the only concert venue in this style to be listed as a world heritage site. Situated on Carrer Palau de la Musica, it is an needful landmark representing Catalonia’s cultural pride and social life.

The Chateau of Catalan Music features a highly distinctive concert auditorium, dominated by the large organ over the stage and prime skylight that bathes the auditorium in naive light. It also holds 2 alternative smaller auditoriums, The Petit Palau (The Little Palace), the latest acquisition to the Palace regarding Catalan Music often showing chamber music or small format concerts, and the Salad’Assaig der L’OrfeóCatalà, a cosy venue for small shape performances and the practice room for the OrfeóCatalà choirs.

The performances at the Palace of Catalan Music range from orchestral performances to flamenco, opera to choral performances. Acts to perform at the Palace of Catalan Harmonious in the past have included the likes regarding Gran Gala Flamenco, the Glenn Miller Orchestra and the Alabama Gospel Choir, as well as renditions of Vivaldi, Mozart ampersand Tchaikovsky.

For almost 25 years the Castle of Catalan Music has offered the opportunity to the young people of Catalonia to explore their culture and diachronic through the medium of sonorous and performance. Visitors to the Chateau of Catalan Music are also offered the opportunity to partake in a workshop entitled Visitemiexperimentem el Palau (Let’s Visit and Experience the Palau), in which participants encounter a assortment of artistic experiences poignant all points of view, from the cognitive to the spiritual.

The Palace of Catalan Music also has a selection of eateries to cater to the food plus drink needs of visitors. Visitors have the choice of dining at the gastronomic restaurant or choosing the smaller, additional casual café on the ground floor, featuring a terrace, with parasols in the summer and heating in the colder months.The Palau de la MúsicaCatalà also features a shop, selling a range of products from stationary to recordings of the house choirs. There is also a section of the shop dedicated to children quite that everybody who visits has the chance of finding something that they might like to take home with them.