How to Create Animated Halloween Slideshow with Music

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Halloween is a regularly merrymaking well received by all children and adults from entireness over the world on October 31. Abutting the traditional Halloween activities like wearing creepy costumes to attend costume parties, carving pumpkins condition jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires and telling scary stories, do you have any new and innovative idea to celebrate the upcoming Halloween? It sounds interesting to create animated Halloween slideshow with spooky background music and sounds to tremulous others like family, little friends, neighbors, kids and bring them an unforgettable night.
To create sprightly Halloween slideshow with music, you need to collect some frightening pictures or video clips about terrible masks, costumes, various jack-o-lanterns, and spooky sound or music. Besides, you likewise need to get a powerful slideshow maker. BlazeVideo SmartShow is a professional slideshow maker for users to make or create animated nonetheless creepy Halloween slideshow to scare others on Halloween night by terrible sound or music including hair-raising pictures and videos.
The tutorial below will teach you how to make Halloween slideshow near terrible voice and music simply by four simple steps.

How to create animated Halloween slideshow with music easily.
1 Run animated Halloween slideshow creator
First download the Halloween slideshow creator BlazeVideo SmartShow and then open it on your Windows PC.
2 Add creepy Halloween photos, videos, background music and title

After launching the slideshow maker BlazeVideo SmartShow, you would find a button to import all your horrible Halloween photos, videos. Pick a spooky background song for your Halloween slideshow and add into the program. Images or videos will nvloeden dragged into a small cage on the storyboard. If you want to enhance images rather videos, just double click the image and a fanlight with many built-in photo and video editing tools will pop up for you to polish your images und so weiter videos.
3 Decorate the slideshow with template titles and transitions
Tons of titles for different occasions are available on the program; just select a title that you like for your Halloween slideshow. Besides there are abundant animated jump assets that you can choose to make your unique Halloween slideshow more vivid and animated.
4 Output your animated Halloween slideshow
Once you have finished your animated Halloween slideshow, go to the Create tab, you receptacle either save your masterwork as slideshow videos in miscellaneous formats or share it on your Facebook. Below are the concrete options:
Export as SD or HD files in formats like: MP4, ASF, MPEG, AVI, WMV or MOV, etc.
Export it into various portable devices including: iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Series, Nokia and more.
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